Training Aids

Horse Training aids are broken into two types. Here we are offering artificial aid.

Artificial aids are pieces of equipment that a rider wears or carries that will augment natural aids which are the seat, hands, legs and voice. Artificial aids should never be over used as this will likely desensitize the horse. Artificial aids include such things as bits, spurs and different types of whips, crops or bats. Intrepid International offers a wide selection of training aids such as the famous Coronet® line of bits, spurs and stirrup irons, Foot Free® stirrups were introduced by Intrepid in the early 1980's and continue to be a huge seller. Intrepid also offers Robart® pinchless bits. But that is not all. You will find a large selection of whip and bats for training and showing that will suite every discipline of the equestrian world.