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Advanced Ride Deluxe Saddle with IGP System
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I feel the need to leave a review about this saddle, an Intrepid International Advanced Ride deluxe Monoflap. When I was looking there was practically nothing on the internet to research except for a comment here and there saying that they loved it. I truly feel that this saddle is a hidden treasure. I really liked the adjustable gullet of my last saddle but it was pretty hard to find a monoflap with an adjustable gullet that quality wasn’t dropped somewhere else. The saddle doesn’t come in a forward flap but it can be ordered, with the custom flap it took about 10 weeks to come in. Not only does it have an adjustable gullet, best of all it is wool flocked. The leather is pretty dang nice for Argentinian leather. The billets definitely need the most conditioning. The seat is not extremely deep and it’s more of a narrow twist. Overall I love this saddle so far and would definitely recommend it. Pictures definitely don’t do it justice. Oh ya and it’s under $1,700
Date Added: 05/10/2018 by Skye-Anna Nye-Smith