What is an Equid Hybrid?

According to listverse.com, equid hybrids are, as the name tactfully suggests, hybrid animals that are bred from the three equid species—zebras, donkeys, and horses. Most people know about the mule (also known as “john” or “molly” depending on the gender), the cross of a donkey male and a horse female. However, it is only one of the many, many equid hybrids out there.

One such combination is the offspring of a horse father and a donkey mother called a “hinny.” Zebras and horses can be bred into “zorses” and “hebras”, which are also known as golden zebras because, frankly, those names make the poor creatures sound like science fiction characters. Adding ponies to the mix brings even more hilarious sounding options, such as “zonies” and “zetlands.”

Equid hybrids have been created since the start of the 20th century. Scientists started the work by crossbreeding zebras and donkeys, but quickly moved on to horses, presumably because they got too embarrassed to call their creations names like “zebra ass.”


Chart courtesy of messybeast.com

Father Mother Offspring
Donkey (jack) Horse (mare) Mule (male), John (male), Molly (female)
Horse Donkey (jenny/jennet) Hinny
Zebra Donkey (jenny/jennet) Zebrass, Zedonk, Zebronkey, Zonkey, Zebadonk, Zebryde, Zenkey (Japan), Hamzab (Israel)
Zebra Horse Zorse, Golden zebra, Zebra mule, Zebrule
Zebra Pony Zony
Zebra Shetland Pony Zetland
Donkey (jack) Zebra Zebret, Donkra
Horse Zebra Hebra