Athena Nicole Grey- Entrepreneur, Horse Woman, Inspiration- 2KGrey Ambassador

Athena Nicole Grey- Entrepreneur, Horse Woman, Inspiration- 2KGrey Ambassador

2KGrey loves nothing more than a strong woman who embraces her power and shares her story. 2KGrey believes that every woman is beautiful and perfect-just the way she is.

20151019_A_8649_wmAthena Nicole Grey, 2KGrey’s cover girl, is also an acclaimed editor, stylist, photo stylist, prop stylist and entrepreneur. A purveyor of luxury home goods, she has owned 9 stores on the East and West coasts.  Her clients include celebrities as well as Good Morning America, Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Jack Rogers USA, Yale Center for British Art, The Handel and Hayden Society and many more. She was chosen decorator for The Westport Historical Society’s Annual Holiday House Tour 4 years in a row.

An avid equestrian since the age of six, she has participated in equestrianism all over the world. What makes Athena Nicole Grey unique however, is the fact that she has accomplished this while living with an Essential Tremor since her early 30’s.

Athena was raised by a strong single mother, who put herself through NYU and was also one of the first women of her generation to major in computer science. “My mother has always supported me in everything I wanted to do and has always been there for me. When I wanted to ride she was braiding manes and tails at 4am so I could show.   She taught me how not to judge, taught me to respect all cultures and religions and gave me the gift of travel at a very young age, so I could see and experience the world. She taught me kindness and compassion, she is the most positive person I know. Everything I am and still trying to achieve today, I owe to her”, states Athena in our candid one-on-one interview.

During our interview, Athena also opened up about her Benign Essential Tremor, which is a neurological disorder affecting 20151019_A_9092_wmapproximately 10 million people in the Unites States “At first, I was often embarrassed, as I had to tell people about my disorder, when they noticed it. However, now, I see it as an opportunity to educate and help others who are having difficulty living with this”.

Horses have played a very powerful part in Athena’s ability to heal, both physically and emotionally. “When I am around horses, my tremor disappears. Something about these beautiful, powerful animals is so incredibly healing for me. They have helped me in many ways.”

Athena is an inspiration to us and we hope to many others. It is with great honor that we welcome her to the 2KGrey family where she can continue to empower girls and women with her strength and courage.

Athena’s Favorite Intrepid Product: 2KGrey

20151019_A_8391_wm“I wrote an article on 2KGrey when I was Fashion Editor at Arab Horse Couture and I was so fascinated by the look of the breeches, I ordered 2 pair for myself. I loved them so much that I wore them in the Jack Rogers USA 55th year anniversary campaign.

I have been wearing them ever since, everywhere I go. They make me feel confident and chic, which I have yet to find in any pair of breeches. I think people who don’t ride may not realize that a great pair of breeches are better than jeans. They make every woman shapely and sexy with a tight yet comfortable fit since since they are made for riding.

I recently took a course with Veronica Larrea for public speaking and I was shaking a bit. She advised me to wear what made me feel most confident. The next day, I wore my breeches and boots and I visualized I was riding. I immediately was able to speak in front of a group of people without a problem”. – Athena Nicole Grey

 Welcome Athena

Learn more about Nicole Grey at // Facebook: Athena Nicole Grey and Haute Equestrian // Instagram: @athenanicolegrey

Stunning photo credits: Jak Wonderly Photography // Facebook: Jak Wonderly Photography // Instagram: @jakwonderly