Breeches On A Date? Absolutely.

Breeches On A Date? Absolutely.

By: T. A. Eyo ¥

We’ve all been in that situation: you have a hot date with a hottie who’s just dying to see you, but the clock is ticking down, and you have no idea what to wear. Dresses and skirts can seem overdone, and slacks are a bit too “business casual”, so this Valentine’s Day it’s time to mix things up. Ditch the chiffon and style it up with your favorite pair of 2KGrey breeches. Our beautiful denim isn’t just for the barn, and if you’re not convinced, here are a couple of reasons that’ll change your mind.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 11.52.34 PM♞Comfort & Style
Just think: what do we use breeches for? Surprisingly, it’s not a simple answer. Yes, we use them to ride horses, but we spend endless hours at the barn, moving around and working hard in breeches. If my 2KGrey breech can take me through a gymnastics and leg yield practice, it can definitely get me through a date. Not to mention, denim is always a stylish base for any outfit.

♞Conversation Piece
If your date doesn’t know anything about horses, you can captivate them with all those wonderful stories about you soaring over fences or working on your “horse dancing” as the non-equestrians call it. If anything, you can break it to them that horses aren’t the ever so majestic creatures that the general public believes them to be (Tell them about buck-farting!). In the event that your date is a horseperson . . . well, you can figure that one out.

♞Be yourself!

Ah, yes, the old adage of embracing who you are. You absolutely want your date to know that you ride because there are certain things that come along with dating an equestrian. For example, if and when you two tie the knot, your significant other has to get used to monthly, half ton additions to the family. That’s just how it is.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 11.54.24 PM♞Make a horseman out of them

Three Words: Romantic Trail Rides

♞The Perfect Fit

Not only do 2KGrey breeches feel great on you, they look great on you. They hug the elegant shape of your legs and hips and highlight the beautiful woman that you are. With 2KGrey, you will look and feel your absolute best on your date. That being said, I highly encourage you to make the right choice on your upcoming date, and that choice is 2KGrey. If you don’t have a date, well then wear 2kGrey anyway. You’re a beautiful lady who can work it any time of the year.

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