6 Tips to Help Equestrian Vendors Draw a Crowd

6 Tips to Help Equestrian Vendors Draw a Crowd

By Ariane Schirmer

Becoming an exhibiting vendor at a horse trade show can grow your business’ clientele, allowing you to reach new customers and interact with others in the equine industry. But designing a space that stands out in the crowd while reflecting your brand can be met with unfamiliar challenges as you enter the world of vendors and show site exhibits.

Below are 6 tips to help you plan for a successful event and create a grand prix level booth design to draw a crowd.

  • Design The Space to Your Brand

Part of designing your space is the actual décor. Similar to a brick and mortar tack shop, booths should also represent the look and feel of your brand. Marketplaces at horse shows have vendors sharing very close quarters. Use your booth to create an environment that draws customers in, instead of generic product displays that will get lost among other vendors. Adding items like fabric drape, lighting or unique displays enhance the atmosphere. For example, a booth for a feed company created a beautiful table-scape complete with grain in ornate wine glasses and labeled on place cards.

Possible display for a grain company

Possible display for a grain company

  • Create Your Layout Around Your Business

The same layout isn’t going to work for every type of equestrian business. Companies with interactive displays, such as custom saddles to sit in or equestrian clothing to try on, should utilize the space at the front of their booth to draw customers in. Vendors like artists or jewelry designers can create a more intimate, boutique feel by keeping displays within their space and welcoming customers into a showroom-like experience.


Equestrian clothing lines, 2KGrey and WOW displayed at AETA

  • Keep Graphics Simple

Eye catching does not have to be bright neon in color. Instead, go for clean and simple graphics with legible fonts (again, being sure that they support your branding.) The backwall of your booth space is prime real estate so turn it into a focal point. Hanging signs or logo branded tents will also make your exhibit easy to spot in a sea of vendors.

  • Stock Up According to the Event

When planning the merchandise for your booth, you’ll want to have a general selection of what you offer but also bring pieces that are tailored to the specific event you’re attending. Stock items based on the horse show disciplines competing and include seasonally appropriate merchandise. Manufacturer and distributor, Intrepid International, can supply you with popular brands like 2kGrey and Horse Quencher to make sure your booth is fully stocked with trusted, on trend riding equipment.

  • Plan It Out On Paper

You’ve certainly dreamt all about your show-stopper booth, but putting those ideas on paper is essential to successfully plan your space. Average booth spaces are 10 feet by 10 feet, so each square foot is precious. Design the layout digitally with floorplan software or on paper, keeping your décor and merchandise scaled to size (graph paper is great for this.) A free digital floorplan demo option is SmartDraw.

Retail Floor Plan to Maximize Space + Flow

Retail Floor Plan to Maximize Space + Flow

  • Do a Pre-Show Dress Rehearsal

With your layout planned, do a test run and set up your space. Doing this in advance allows you to make edits to the flow, displays and décor. Pay attention to the time it takes to set up and dismantle your booth so you can plan accordingly with the vendor move-in and move-out schedules.

Taking your tack shop on the road adds a whole new meaning to preparing for show season, but the reach it will give your business will be a huge reward, if planned correctly. Contact the knowledgeable insiders at Intrepid International for help planning your next horse show vendor adventure: sales@intrepidintl.com or 1-800-347-0033